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Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Why should we care for our Cats?


This is a simple question and one that most adults don’t think to much about. There are lots of reasons for us to keep our cats healthy and well. For our younger readers, make sure Mom and Dad help you keep your Kitty healthy and well so you will always have a playful cat.  I hope that you can find some helpful ideas here and feel free to leave us a comment and join the conversation. Be sure to check out our post on dental care as this can be an excellent way to tell if your cat has good health.

Teeth are important

Even if t your cat only wants to hunt for chicken-flavored kibbles and toy mice, they still need clean, sharp fangs and healthy gums. Damage to any part of your cats mouth, teeth,gums,tongue and tonsils, ok maybe not tonsils, can lead to many health risks for cats. These can be prevented with check-ups and good old-fashioned teeth brushings.

 Claws should be kept trimmed

If you don’t like getting scratched or have your things shredded you should make a habit of trimming your cat’s claws or have a scratcher that will dull them a little.

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