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Cyber Monday Cat Deals

Cyber Monday Cat Deals

Cyber Monday is tomorrow! While you may have already started thinking about getting something special for your cat, I’ve decided to put together a little list of the best cat toys and accessories Cyber Monday cat deals I’ve found. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier for you to find what your cat is missing in life and save you money.

Petco.com offers 30% off everything! There are some exclusions, but it is worth checking out. Specially because there are some deals that offer even more savings.

And don’t forget PetSmart, they’re offering up to 60% off.

Let’s start with Cat Toys

Remember the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy? Well, for Cyber Monday it is on sale for $12.74 here at Amazon.com. Not only will your cat pounce around after the rotating ball, but it will be able to scratch the center of the toy too!

interactive scratch toy

The PetStages Cheese Chase Ball Track is 50% off here at Amazon.com. Not only does it offer playtime for your cat, but it is also an interactive toy, so if you are too busy to get out a toy and play with your cat, this ball track will keep your cat entertained.

PetStages Cheese Chase Track

The Bird Catcher PRO EX is 30% off here at Amazon.com. This Bird Catcher teaser is unique from other bird teasers because it has an extendable wand rod. Can extend up to 3 ft and retract to 8 inches. Not only does this cyber monday deal offer 30% off, but it includes a storage bag and 3 feather refills. There is also a 30 day, money back Guarantee. If you or your cat aren’t fond of this feather teaser, just send it back and get your money back. If you wish to get this for your kitty cat, hurry because they are prone to selling out and only have 6 left.

Kitty Litter and Accessories

At Amazon.com you can get your litter box and accessory needs for 25% off of more! This includes litter boxes, litter, odor eliminators, litter mats, and litter bags. For information on what litter boxes and accessories work best go to Litter Boxes and accessories.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are on super sale at amazon.com. The Trixie Pet Products Baza Cat Tree is only  $27.91, usually $57.99! Cat trees are the perfect way to help reduce your cat’s stress by climbing, sleeping, scratching, and playing.

Trixie Pet Products gaza cat tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is also on super sale at amazon.com. And by super sale I mean 65% off at a total price of $55.99 when it is regularly $159! That is a great deal. This cat tree has toy mice hanging from ropes for cats to play with, scratching posts, and multiple perches for laying around. There is also a cubby for cats to sleep in or disappear in when they want alone time.

Go pet club cat tree

Over here, overstock.com has the Cat Condos Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree with Kitty Cruiser for 54% off for a total price of $64.99. Also, if you sign up with overstock you can get an additional 10% off. This cat tree offers 3 laying perches and scratching posts. It is perfect for multiple cats.


The Trixie DreamWorld Tavira Cat Scratching Tower is 35% off at Petco.com. It includes cat scratchers, plush surfaces, an arch to climb on, and an area to lounge and sleep on.

Tavira Cat Scratching Tower

Remember Cyber Monday is only available till midnight on Monday! Don’t miss out on those deals! Your bank account will thank you, but more importantly your feline friend will.

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