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Get Your Cat to Play with These Exciting Cat Toys

It is often said that, “Cats take care of themselves”. It is true that cats do not require constant care, however cats do have a few necessities. Cats need food and water, of course, but also require attention throughout the day. They need to be groomed, including baths, dry baths, and fur combing.  And one of the most important things to do with your cat is engage in playtime, especially with an indoor cat.

It is recommended that you play with your feline friend at least 20-30 minutes a day. A cat can become restless and overweight without the proper playtime. This can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle with numerous veterinarian visits and payments. So come one and get you cat to play with the helpful and exciting toys listed on this post.


Cats are energetic and instinctive animals. Their ancestors hunted to survive while living among harsh climates and dangerous predators. Cats are predators themselves and their play reflects their hunting instincts. It also allows them to exercise and have fun!


The recommended amount of playtime for a cat is 20-30 minutes a day. You can play with your cat by supplying your cat with toys. These toys can be purchased at many retail stores or online, but they can also be homemade. Once you have the right toys you can begin implementing them in your cat’s life. Toy mice, string, and catnip filled toys are among cats’ favorite things to play with. However, it is important to monitor your cat with certain toys to make sure they do not choke or swallow pieces (usually when the toy has been used up, it will start to fall apart and pieces will break off).

If your cat is having a fun time playing with you and the toys, the cat may start to bring you the toys throughout the day to initiate playtime. This is a good sign that your cat is enjoying the playtime you have together.



The best kind of cat toys depend on the type of cat you have. Some breeds are more energetic and some are larger. Cats view their toys as prey, so the toys need to be the right size for them to attack it.


There are toy mice and cats are a huge fan of them, but they come in different sizes. Toy mice also come in different textures; some have long hair and others have short hair. Make sure to keep in mind what size cat you have when making the toy mouse decision. It may take a few tries, but your cat will end up choosing their favorite toy mouse. Some cat favorites include OurPets Twice the Mice Cat Toy and Petstages Catnip Chew Mice.


Everyone has a busy day every now and then, but for some the busy day is everyday. It is understandable that some search for interactive toys in order to help supply their cats with their much needed playtime. Interactive toys help keep your cat entertained without requiring much time and effort from you. Such interactive games for cats include the Categories Zany Ball, Petstages Cheese Chase, and the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy.interactive scratch toy copy


Toy balls are also a fun toy for cats. They are also viewed as an interactive toy because they will roll around and every touch from your cat moves it around more. There are different types of toy balls with different features, such as balls with feathers, plastic balls with a bell inside, foil-like balls, and balls with mice inside. Again depending on what type of cat you have and their toy preference, make sure you choose the right type of ball for your cat. Even if it takes a few times.


Cats also enjoy playing with toy wands and teasers. To use these toys there is a wand side that you hold on to and attached is a string with a ball, feather, mouse, or small object for your cat to pounce on and play with.  Some examples of a toy wand/teaser are the Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand, Da Bird Feather Teaser, and Interactive Feather Wand.

wand feather copy

*Lasers are often thought of as a fun cat teaser, however it may be more of an annoyance to the cat than a toy. Cats play for the hunt of the prey and delight in the capture. Huffs, meows, and little growls exude their satisfaction from their successful capture. Lasers are impossible for the cat to catch. While cats may chase and attempt to catch the laser light, the cat will leave dissatisfied.


A household with multiple cats could benefit with cat tunnels. Cats often play with each other and love to hide and pop out at each other. Cat tunnels allow cats to hide in them, while supplying them with holes for them to peer out of. Cat tunnels are also great for single cat households. They not only serve as a toy, but also as a resting place. The ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel, Ninja Cat Tunnel, and  SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel are great tunnels for cats.

Tunnel cat big



Whether you’re interested in interactive play or hands on play with your cat, there are numerous cat toys to use. Cat mice, wands, teasers, balls, and tunnels are a great way to get started. Playtime is very important for cats, so get started and help them pounce and play as much as they can!

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