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Most Helpful Litter Accessories & Tools for Odor Control &Tidiness

After you have found the right litter box for your feline friend, there are some accessories and tools to help with odor control, cleanliness, and easy disposal.

Odor Control

It is near impossible to eliminate all odor from having a litter box, however there are some useful ways to reduce the smell. The most important way to help with odor control is to make sure you clean the litter regularly. The best way to minimize odor is to clean the litter as soon as possible after your cat has used it.

Ozium odor eliminator near the litter box works well for getting rid of those unwanted odors.  Plugin air fresheners like Febreze Noticeables Meadows & Rain Air Freshners work well.  Candels and incense also aid in the odor control process.

Scooperslitter scoop

Most litter boxes, besides the self-cleaning boxes, need scoopers to pick up waste products. Scoopers work well with all cat wastes when the kitty litter clumps well. Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop and Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy are excellent scoopers.


Litter Disposable Bags

litter bags

Don’t forget to pick up some bags to dispose the wastes in. Waste bags help contain the odor and wastes in a cleanly way. Earth Rated Lavender-Scented X-Large Pet Waste BagsArm & Hammer Disposable Pet Waste Bags, and Pet Waste Bags work great for picking up your cat’s waste products.


Litter Mats

Cats often jump right out of their litter boxes, which causes the litter to be pushed out of the box. PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter MatPetmate Litter Catcher MatBlack Hole Cat Litter Mat (shown here) help catch the kicked out litter and help prevent litter from being pushed out on your floor. If you are lucky and your cat is a tidy cat, it will attempt to paw the kicked out litter onto the litter mat.

The BlackHole Litter Mat is a great mat because it is double layered and catches litter under the first layer for an easier clean.

blackhole mat

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